Old West holsters, custom leather, cowboy action shooting accessories of the 1880's.


Item # spur1

Item # spur2

Top Right: Basket-stamped spur straps with sterling silver conchos, in black: From $50

Left and Bottom Right: Fully basket-stamped basic spur straps: From $20.00

Item # spur3

Old style buckaroo spur straps. Straps on left are shown in dark brown with brass spots. Straps on right are black with basket weave stamping.

From $30.00

Item # spur4

Floral carved spur straps, in small size for ladies.


Item # spur5

Old style, fully tooled straps in natural(light brown).


Item # spur6

Fully carved Moline style spur straps.

Strap on left is highlightd natural color.

Strap on right is medium brown with black dyed background.


Item # spur7

Basket stamped, two toned straps with silver & gold conchos.


Item # spur8

Left - Black Strap, Border-stamped with nickel spots.


Center- Black strap, basket stamped, with silver conchos.


Right - Black strap, border-stamped with nickel spots and small silver conchos



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