Old West holsters, custom leather, cowboy action shooting accessories of the 1880's.


My first hand-tooled belt, carved in 1967 (with the first buckle I won in 1968); letters are hand-carved, not stamped.

Item # beltt1

Trophy belt, 1 1/2" width, in oak leaf tooling, with laced edges


Item # beltr2

Ranger style tapered carved belt,    1 1/2" down to 3/4"; dyed background and flowers for contrast.


Item # beltb3

2" wide floral carved belt with buckstiching; buckle carved to hatch.



Item # belt1

Item # belt2

Item #belt3

Gun Belts: From $120.00 

#1: Border stamped "Gunfighter" belt with 24 bullet loops.

#2: Heavy leather gun belt with silver conchos and nickle spots; shown with 18 bullet loops.

#3: Plain heavy leather belt with 12 bullet loops (specify caliber).

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