Old West holsters, custom leather, cowboy action shooting accessories of the 1880's.


Item # busc1

Buscadero Gun Rig

Reminescent of 1940's-1950's T.V. Western Rigs. This example is fully tooled with dyed background and is shown a Ruger Super Single Six .22, with small bullet loops.

From $145.00
($225.00 As Shown)

Item # holsj1

Plain "Slim Jim" style holster for 6 1/2" Ruger Single Six, in dark brown.

From $65.00 Unlined

Item # hol2

Fully tooled and lined holster for 4" S&W Model 10 .38 SPCL

Available in various tooling patterns and color shading, for any make and model of gun.

From $100.00

Item # holdl3
Item # holsl4

Old style double loop holster for Ruger 7 1/2" Vaquero, with nickel spots; Old style single loop cross draw holster for 5 1/2" Ruger Vaquero, also with nickel spots.

From $75.00

Item # holjs5

Texas "Jock Strap" style holster in dark burgundy for Ruger Vaqueros or Colt SAA

From $65.00

Item # hol6

Fully-tooled and lined holster for Ruger single six or small frame revolver

From $80.00

Item # dholss7
Item # dholcd8

Border stamped Derringer holster, available in cross draw or strong side.

From $35.00

Item # holslc

Single Loop, Cross Draw, Border Stamped, Lined or unlined.

From $75.00

Item # ahols1

Basket stamped holster for 1911A1 Commander Pistol,(Personalized with 2 initials), filly lined

From $65.00

Item # ahols2

Plain Holster for small frame semi auto pistol, fully lined.

From $50.00

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